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New Season, New League!

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

With the release of the new Pokemon Sword & Shield cards right around the corner, we are making some exciting new changes to the Western Slope Pokemon League!

Starting February 8, we will be adding new promo cards featuring brand new Pokemon found in the Galar region. Each player that attends a league session will receive one of these cards just for coming! And by completing certain special activities (see below*), players will have the chance to earn a second copy of the card! With two league sessions per month, players will have the opportunity to earn up to 4 copies of this exclusive Pokemon League promo!

We will also be adding more structured activities designed for younger players to have a good time regardless of if they play the video game or card game. We will have coloring pages, activity sheets, Pokemon trivia, and more!

In addition to the new promos, we will continue to have our leaderboard program, where players can earn points towards receiving other exclusive league promos by battling against other players in the Trading Card Game, the Video Games (3DS and Nintendo Switch), and/or Pokemon GO! Players can choose to earn points via the Casual or Competitive tracks. Casual players earn 2 points on the leaderboard for each game they play with a different person that week, regardless of whether they win or lose. Competitive players only earn points when they win a game against a different person, but will get 4 points per win! Every 5 points on the board gets you a promo card, with the chance to earn up to 4 copies of each card.

I'm very excited about this new direction we're taking the Western Slope Pokemon League, and I hope you'll join us at our next league session! Click here to view our upcoming schedule.

*Activities to Earn Additional Promos

(While supplies last)

  • Bring a friend to league

  • Catch 40 Pokemon in Pokemon GO that month (start and end totals must be verified by Professor Zack)

  • Battle every person present at league that week

  • Teach a new player how to play the game

  • Complete a Pokemon Trivia session (for Junior Division players, i.e. those born 2009 or later)

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